About the Artist

Artist Statement

There are many different theories on how and why individual’s personalities develop. Some theorists take a deterministic and pessimistic view, believing biology dictates the outcome of personality. Contrasting views believe that an individual is capable of growth and change throughout their lifetime. Are people enslaved to biology or capable of change? I like to believe that people are not powerless over biology when it comes to personality, instead through strength and mental consciousness individuals can become whomever they need. This war between biology and cognition affects me personally everyday and many other individuals in this world.

Art, like theater and music, require passion and emotion in order for the product to evoke interest. In my time as an artist, I have been trying to figure out how to express inner emotional battle through art, it has been an ongoing journey. I began this series last fall as an attempt to create a less literal depiction of my daily emotional struggle. Focusing my attention on the brain, more specifically memory storage, information-processing, and personality development. I want to explore this idea of biology versus cognition through my painting, printmaking, and ceramics. My ideas are prepared through sketches and some research, but very rarely are these referred to during the creation process. I begin every painting with the same primary palette of colors, relying on layering simple colors, and paying concern to preserving the feeling of the painting.  This process of art making has always been a source of emotional catharsis.

Amanda Callans – 2012

Artist Bio

My name is Amanda Eleanor. To me, Art has always been a constant in my life. Even when I was a small child I was always found coloring and drawing. I recently graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BFA in 2-d studio art and a minor in Psychology. I went to York Community High School were I was able to have access to wonderful facilities and had the opportunity to participate in judged student shows annually. At Eastern I have entered the all student show annually at Tarble Arts Center and displayed my work several times with classes at Burl Ives and Doudna Fine Arts Center in Charleston, IL. In the spring of 2010 I displayed my art with two other students at Burl Ives.  I organized a solo show in December 2011.

I am now running my own Etsy shop called Pretty Faces. I create Custom Silhouettes for clients of their loved ones and most precious moments. Silhouette Art is a timeless way to capture a likeness, a true art form. You can find my website at www.prettyfaces.etsy.com. This is currently my full time job. I am also an Art Instructor at Bottle and Bottega a radical place where you can drink and socialize while getting an Art Lesson. While always creating commissioned Art Work for family and friends in my spare time. Everything in my life revolves around creating ART as my life progresses so does my Art evolve.